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File Server Migration

Fast and reliable file server migration with FirstAttribute

The implementation of a file server migration can be triggered by different motivations. On the one hand existing systems need to be replaced with newer systems and on the other, file server migrations could be part of a more complex migration project. The introduction of a Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS) is often the trigger of a file server migration.

FirstAttribute carries out migration projects for over 10 years and can look back on many terabytes of successfully migrated data. It is always important to us that the user can continue to work during the migration phase with nearly no restrictions. At best, the user does not even recognize that there is a migration of the file server.

Permisson assignment according to the AGDLP principal

The granting of permissions in a Microsoft environment can be done by different ways and should be planned thoroughly. Within the Active Directiories there are different types of groups, which should be used for different purposes.

For permission assignment of shares or folders domain local groups should be used, in which then global groups or even individual user objects can be added.

Domain local groups are usually used as privilege groups.
Global groups or universal groups are often used to picture the organizational structure of a company.

A G DL P means:
Account --> Global group --> Domain Local group --> Permission

Automate the data and permission transfer

Depending on the complexity of the project, the use of migration tools or the creation of scripts to perform the migration can be useful. In many projects, individual solutions based on .NET (C#) have been developed which have greatly simplifies and accelerates the migration.

If the file server migration has been triggerd by an Active Directory migration, the permissions should automatically be assigned to the new user and group accounts to the target domain.

The following tools can be a significant support:

  • Microsoft Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT)
  • DELL Migration Manager for Active Directory (QMM)

Peculiarity of Novell server migrations

As long as the migration takes place in an all-Microsoft world, the transfer of data and permissions should be relatively easy to handle. However, the planning is getting complex if is about to migrate a Novell server to a CIFS share, which may be provided by NetApp Filer. The transfer of permissions must be planned very carefully, because the permissions from the Novell environment can not be transferred 1:1 to the Microsoft world.

Detailed information about migrating data and permissions from a Novell system to a Microsoft System or CIFS Filer is available on our web site about Novell migration.

Please give us the opportunity for a personal interview in order to explain our proven methods for performing a successful file server migration can. For more information please use our contact page.


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