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Lotus Notes Migration

The perfect switch to Microsoft Exchange: Lotus Notes migration with FirstAttribute!

Your business is planning the use of a Microsoft Exchange system and the transfer should be done without loss of data and without the interruption of business processes? Then our Lotus Notes migration is the ideal solution! The most important step in a Lotus Notes migration is the flawless execution of the change from any user's point of view. With a professional Lotus Notes migration, loss of data and interruptions to the work process are excluded. During the Lotus Notes migration, both mail-systems are to be seen as productive, parallel operated systems.

Proven more than 100 times: Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange

For the Lotus Notes migration to Microsoft Exchange you can profit from our long-time partnership with Quest Software. We use the tool "Notes Migrator for Exchange". With the help of this software your project stays on time and the whole migration runs professionally and flawlessly. Further information about the Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange can be found here.

Quest Software: Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange

How is your Lotus Notes Migration going to be carried out?

Besides the postbox migration and the transfer of data, information and applications, our service additionally offers the detailed development of concepts to make your normal work processes usable in a Microsoft environment, too.

Please let us present our proven methods for the execution of a successful Lotus Notes migration to you in a personal conversation. Our contact information can be found in the section Contacts. Besides the postbox migration, further data, information and applications should be examined and concepts should be developed concerning how to integrate the solutions in a Microsoft environment.

You have questions about the Lotus Notes Migration or you would like to know how a system change is carried out? Then we would like to offer you a non-committal consultation-. In a personal conversation you have the possibility to learn more about our proven methods for the execution of a successful Lotus Notes migration. You can find our contact-information in the section Contacts.



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