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Active Directory Consulting in Munich

AD Consultants of FirstAttribute support projects focussing on Identity Management and Migration in the area of Munich.

For several years, FirstAttribute supports Munich-based companies and enterprises in the field of Active Directory Management and Identity Management.


In many cases Active Directory is the starting point for the optimization of Identity Management. Several Munich-based enterprises already use additional tools of FirstAttribute for the Identity and Permission Management.

A special development in this field is an Active Directory based system for the management of the companywide organization.

AD Consulting in München

Active Directory Consultants in Munich assist the development of this project. The system is in use to manage the accounts of more than 10.000 employees 100 subsidiaries. Applications and other systems can directly access the relevant information through this system.


Our IT Consultants support the project management, planning and realisation of AD consolidations all across Germany (and Europe).

Customers in the Munich area are mostly companies in the Logistics sector and Service Providers.

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