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Delegate Active Directory User Management to Human Resources

How to enable HR to create AD accounts

In many companies, the Active Directory User Management is still carried out by the IT department. For creating new user accounts people ask the IT admin.

But the IT department gets the information of a new employee very late. Usually the HR department already has all required information to create a new user account. In general, the HR department is not able to create a user account in Active Directory because the staff lacks the necessary technical background.

Common scenario

  1. HR collects all information of the new employee
  2. HR asks IT to create AD accounts
  3. IT creates AD account
  4. IT sends information to HR that account is created
  5. Employee can start working

FirstWare-Admin is an AD administration and delegation tool. It allows you to delegate standard or routine tasks to non-IT staff. Details and graphics here. In this case your human resources department will be able to create user accounts in Active Directory.

Same scenario with FirstWare-Admin:

  1. HR collects all information of the new employee
  2. HR creates AD account with FirstWare-Admin
  3. Employee can start working

Benefits of FirstWare-Admin

  • HR has the information of the new employee and can create accounts
  • Accounts are created based on the rules made by the IT
  • Time saving for HR, no waiting time and information exchange
  • Time saving for IT, more time to take care of non-standard issues
  • Time saving for the new employee, accounts can be created much faster
  • No need for a long technical training

The Active Directory User Management can be delegated with  FirstWare Admin to no IT staff without the appropriate people assign explicit permissions in the Active Directory.

Find out more about our FirstWare Admin and various scenarios to delegate Active Directory tasks to other departments. More information about the software FirstWare-Admin.

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