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DynamicGroup 2015 Release

FirstAttribute released the 2015 version of FirstWare-DynamicGroup.
The software creates dynamic groups in Active Directory and allows the automation of group memberships.

New in version 2015

DynamicGroup-Testgroup-3-query-muenchenBesides a complete revision and a new design, the 2015 version includes several new features. Admins who are familiar with AD Users & Computers can use the software without reading any manual.

All new features here: DynamicGroup

Dynamic groups and regular groups have their own icons now and can be easier recognized. Admins can set group managers and change group attributes.

Another great feature is the new Query Builder, that helps you to ease the definition of groups. The control of the service has also been improved.

Group memberships based on attributes and LDAP filters

The software provides AD group memberships in various kinds of ways:

  • OU based group membership
  • Attribute based membership
  • Combined conditions (e.g. OU and various attributes)
  • Custom LDAP filter

A service updates the dynamic groups at predefined time points or periodically.

Novell Migration to Active Directory

Some advantages Novell eDirectory users have, do not exist in Microsofts Active Directory. One of these are Organizational groups (for authorization).

Dynamic authorization groups are possible with FirstWare-DynamicGroup möglich.
This way you can keep up with this feature even after a Novell Migration.

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