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FirstWare DynamicGroup 2015.2 Update


FirstWare DynamicGroup 2015.2 updates functionality in DynamicGroup Console and DynamicGroup Service for a better group calculation.

Most changed affect Query Builder in DynamicGroup Console for group-specific LDAP filters.


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New in DynamicGroup 2015.2

When changing the group name of an existing group, DynamicGroup changed the attribute SamAccountName. With this update cn attribute (common name) will be adjusted as well. To avoid compatibility problems, special characters in the SamAccountName (like []/\') are now automatically removed when saving dynamic groups.

LDAP filters can contain special characters. For the correct handling of special characters, a chapter has been added to the documentation.


DynamicGroup Console

DynamicGroup allows QueryConditions to be configured in the builder, and at the same time in the LDAP filter field. In order to ensure that the correct values are accepted, the user now receives a messages. You can choose to convert the  Query Conditions to a new LDAP filter or to keep the one from the filter box below.


DynamicGroup Service

Dynamic groups, that generate members from include and exclude lists only, have not been calculated by the service every time so far. Since Version 2015.2 the service considers these groups as well. This function is useful when group nesting should be reduced.

The "flat group" option allows you to add a groups as member of a dynamic group, but considering the groups users only. The group itself does not become a member of the dynamic group. In version 2015.2 it is now possible to add users of other normal and dynamic groups using include lists - without having any other query filters set.

Download and further informations about version 2015.2 can be found on the FirstWare-DynamicGroup website.


About DynamicGroup 2015

FirstWare-DynamicGroup is a software to automate group memberships in Active Directory. Group members are dynamically assigned to a group based on an AD atttribute (like department) an OU, combined LDAP filters and more.

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