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FirstWare DynamicGroup 2018

FirstWare DynamicGroup 2018 creates dynamic groups by itself. The new 2018 version of FirstWare DynamicGroup is now available and offers many innovative and time-saving features.

Essentially, it is a powerful tool to automate group memberships of AD objects. It accelerates processes and reduces the workload for IT-departments.The software application is used across a variety of industries in countries situated all around the globe.


Smart Creation: Upload 100 groups in 10 seconds

Self-creating groups and mass editing transform DynamicGroup 2018 into a versatile tool to manage AD groups.



Get a flying start with DynamicGroup Wizards

Clever creation of groups based on attributes and OUs

The new "Smart Creation Wizard" automatically creates dynamic groups with the help of clever filter options. Depending on the selection, users, groups, computers and/or contacts are saved in new dynamic groups, based on a pre-defined attribute or OUs.


Just select the appropriate settings by using the wizard and start the process. DynamicGroup confirms the successful creation of all the new groups with a status message.




Create multiple dynamic groups with bulk import

Whoever wants to create multiple dynamic groups at once is going to like the new "Bulk Import Wizard". Hundreds of groups can now be uploaded to the DynamicGroup console by using csv files which contain all the attributes that are required. This new feature saves precious time especially for mass imports as there is no need for manual entry of data.

DynamicGroup 2018 BulkCreation


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Copy dynamic groups as templates

The DynamicGroup Console offers another very useful new feature, the option to copy groups. It means that an existing dynamic group can be used as a template for a new group. It basically simplifies and accelerates the creation of new groups.

There are two easy ways to copy, either by using the "Copy" icon or by clicking on the right mouse button and selecting "Copy Group". After entering the group name, group scope and group type DynamicGroup creates a copy of the group with the most important dynamic attributes.


Focus on users and easier handling of group administration

All the improvements in DynamicGroup 2018 focus on user friendliness and simplified AD group administration. 

Identify groups fast with the help of prefixes

It is recommended to add a prefix to the group name when creating a new group. It helps to identify the group at once. For example, dynamic groups can be recognised easily if they have the prefix "DG-" in their group name.

The configuration tab in DynamicGroup 2018 now includes the option to set up prefixes in advance. Once a new group is being created these prefixes appear in a dropdown menu from which a selection can be made. Hence, the goup name will start with the selected prefix.



Delete multiple groups at once

In the group overview, multiple groups can be marked and deleted at once. Proceed by simply clicking on the right mouse button and selecting "Delete Group".


Automatic special character replacement

Attribute values may contain special characters (e.g. &, |, <, >, %) which are used as filter symbols. Up until now these had to be changed manually in the LDAP query. When using the Query Builder to create a new LDAP query for a group, the critical characters will automatically be replaced by the corresponding hexadecimal ASCII code. In other words, special characters can now be used for queries. Using the Query Builder remains easy and errors in writing LDAP queries are avoided.


Further changes

Windows Server 2016 compatibility

With the new server version from Microsoft, extended firewall rules were made standard that prevented Dynamic Group from installing the service remotely. This issue has been resolved and the service can be installed and used normally in Windows Server 2016 environments.

System requirements

Until now it was possible to install DynamicGroup on any client or server in your domain. In this release however, the DynamicGroup Console will not start any longer if it is installed on a domain controller. This is to prevent certain security issues, since DynamicGroup would require elevated rights for many operations on a domain controller.


FirstWare DynamicGroup 2018 includes a number of bugfixes from the previous version.


About DynamicGroup 2018

DynamicGroup is a proven product which has been used for many years now by a steadily growing customer base.

FirstWare DynamicGroup is a software application to automate group memberships in Active Directory. Group members are dynamically assigned to a group based on AD attributes (like department), OUs, combined LDAP filters and more.

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