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Identity Management for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME)

In most companies, Active Directory is used for the management of user accounts and permissions. Identity management systems are generally used in larger companies, although the requirements for a central user account and access management system also need to be met in smaller environments.

In many small and medium-sized companies this issue is not really addressed yet, because it seems too complex and on often as too expensive as well.

FirstAttribute provides solutions how Active Directory can play a central role in an identity management system. In many cases there is no need for an expensive identity management project. With Active Directory you have a substantial part of an IMS which is already established in your network.


Active Directory as the central point of your identity management

Enhance and expand the functionality of the Active Directory by the following features:

  • User account management automation
  • Establishing new user projects according to fixed rules
  • Provision of templates for a quick opening of new user accounts
  • Definition of roles
  • Password self-service
  • Delegation of individual administrative tasks
  • Task delegation to ease the burden on the IT department
  • Development of dynamic security groups according to filter rules
  • Synchronisation of user master data with other systems
  • Automation of the provisioning and de-provisioning process controlled by personnel, SAP or other databases
  • Import and export interface based on xls(x) or csv files
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