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Windows Server 2012 Active Directory

With the introduction of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 a lot of new features in the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) have been implemented. Most of the improvements have been made concerning the management, architecture and security. This is why you should think about a migration to Windows Server 2012.

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FirstAttribute supports you with the design and implementation if you want to migrate to AD Domain Services 2012.


Dynamic Access Control

Access permissions to IT resources in Server 2008 are controlled via access control lists, and requires a dynamic work environment, a constant review and updating of access permissions for users and groups.

Windows Server 2012 introduces Dynamic Access Control (DAC), a new claims based authorization platform which can be applied to users and devices. In addition, there is a central Access Policies (CAP) model. Together with file classification information flexible attribute based authorization decisions can thus be made by the access system.

A smoothly running Dynamic Access Control requires complete maintenance of user-related information in the Active Directory. FirstAttribute offers a web-based Identity Management Active Directory tool or the easy maintenance of user information. You can use the tool in already existing environments to be prepared for the use of Dynamic Access Control.

It is possible even before the introduction of Windows Server 2012 AD Domain Services Attributes to build a permission based structure with DynamicGroup.


Windows PowerShell History Viewer

Server administration with PowerShell has already started with Windows Server 2008 and continues with Windows Server 2012. The current PowerShell version 3.0 offers more CmdLets, e.g. for the domain controller installation. Microsoft prefers the GUI-less Server Core installation of Microsoft. The administration of of the Core servers is done by management servers. The Server Manager was developed to automatically display all available servers.

PowerShell is also running in the background of existing GUI management tools. To assist in the administration tasks, PowerShell commands of the administration tools can be displayed via the PowerShell History Viewer. So you can look behind the scenes and get inspiration for your own use of the PowerShell commands.



Active Directory Administrative Center

The management interface for the Active Directory has been completely revised and now provides a task oriented approach. The new interface of the Active Directory Administrative Center is primarily intended for the processing of routine administrative tasks in the AD Domain Services. Clear forms are provided to create user accounts, changing passwords and the group management. In addition, all domains in the forest are accessible to execute administrative tasks.

In AD Administrative Center also a GUI for the Active Directory Recycle Bin is now available. And the administrative center also used PowerShell commands in the background.

The standard management consoles such as the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in or the Sites and Services snap- in are of course still available.

If you want individualized administrative forms with additional features and maybe even a delegated form-based AD DS Administration to implement the solution offers FirstWare Admin flexible adaptation and uses.



Domain Controller Cloning

Nowadays the provision of modern IT infrastructures is performednmostly with virtualization techniques to build server and domain controller structures. With Windows Server 2008, Microsoft introduced the Hyper-V technology, which now enjoys great popularity. The technology enables you to adjust to the changing needs of server capacity very fast and flexible.

Starting with Windows Server 2012 there is a new function that increases the scalability and reliability of the Active Directory Domain Services. The Domain Controller Cloning. Virtual domain controller can thus be easily cloned and made available without further processing immediately as another replication partner for the Active Directory Domain Services. Further tasks such as the execution of "sysprep.exe" are not necessary any more.

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