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Active Directory Management

Active Directory Management

A good Active Directory Management requires a well thought out planning and controlling as well as an efficient AD administration.

Reasonable planning of policies and groups and also an appropriate naming for user objects simplifies Active Directory Management significantly. In order to implement an efficient user management, we would be happy to support with our experience.


AD administration by Helpdesk or Non-IT staff

The AD management in daily operations, such as creating and modifying users or permissions can also be greatly simplified. This saves a lot of time for the administrators. One can even go a step further and let the Helpdesk, HR or the assistant take over routine tasks in Active Directory. The IT Admin stays the technical contact for non-standard requests. Delegate all other AD Management tasks and benefit from:

  • Time savings for the IT Admin
  • Time savings for the customer ( no waiting time for IT)
  • Cost savings - for example, users can start immediately with their new task


AD Import and Export

It is often necessary to export or import data from the AD to other systems. We have developed special interfaces between AD and other systems for these purposes. If you are interested, we would be happy to explain you more in a short call. There are often factors and dependencies that are not visible at first glance. We look forward to your questions on Acitve Directory import and export.


AD automation through dynamic groups

The authorization management can be accelerated when dynamic security groups are used. When a user changes departments permissions can be automatically changed as well. Benefits:

  • Automate the change of group memberships
  • Avoide risks of users having too many permissions
  • Time savings for IT Administration
  • Cost savings through automated administration


Active Directory Reporting

You can very easily report which user accounts or passwords have expired, how many computer accounts are disabled or if there are any empty groups. A variety of analyzes are possible with the free AD Inspector. If you want more reports we expand the tool like for you.


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