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Automated Active Directory (AD) groups

How to update Active Directory groups dynamically

With a smart automation of AD groups you don't need much time for maintenance and corrections. Read below, how to set up automated AD groups.

AD-Group -Membership

What are automated AD groups good for?

If you automate Active Directory groups you can:

  • reduce security risks
  • keep permissions up to date
  • reduce administration work load


Security risk - excess / unnecessary permissions

When an employee changes departments, authorizations must be changed as well:

  1. The user should get access to folders of the new department.
  2. The users permissions to folders of the old department must be removed.

In nearly all companies (at least for a short time) the user does have to many permissions - a risk!

Manual maintenance of AD groups costs:

  • time
  • resources
  • money
  • ...nervs, and this can start with the communication.

That is why you better automate the grant of authorizations for drives, files and and so on.


How to set up automated AD groups

 There are 3 ways

  1. Powershell Script
    Write your own script and hope it works reliably
  2. DynamicGroup
    There are companies that automate 20.000 AD Objekte with DynamicGroup
    You get support and updates,
    the software can flat nested groups
    and you will have a fast ROI
  3. Let someone develop
    In-house development is tailor-made to your problem.
    But you could also rely on proven solution with additional features.
    We continue developping the tool and
    offer support.


The Automatiion of AD Groups in Active Directory can be easily set up with DynamicGroup. You can even flat nested groups or use white and black lists for in special occasions.



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