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FirstWare DynamicGroup

Active Directory dynamc security groups

Use the AD automation tool to automate group memberships of AD objects.
Avoid security risks with self-updating groups.


Firstware DynamicGroup 2015

  • Self-updating AD groups
  • Automated group memberships
  • Flat Group option (for nested groups)
  • Exclude lists / Include lists
  • Self explanatory
  • 30 days free trial

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Version: DynamicGroup 2015.2 (2017-05-31)


  • Create group memberships with an LDAP filter
  • Set a search root as the entry point
  • Set up an include list with permanent members of the group
  • Set up an exclude list of users that must not be in this group
  • Preview a dynamic group to see the potential members
  • Configure the time interval for filling or emptying of the group

New in DynamicGroup 2015

Selection of new Features in DynamicGroup 2015

User Interface

  • New design
  • User friendly handling (Admins wanted a look and feel like Users and Computers)
  • Symbols for groups and dynamic groups

New Features

  • Set a Group Manager
  • Edit group attributes
    • Group Scope (Local, Global, Universal)
    • Group Type (Security, Distribution)
    • Dynamic Group State (none, enable, disable)
    • Email, Notes
  • OU Filter optimized
  • Query Builder
    • self explanatory
    • "Query Conditions" for Drag'n'Drop queries
    • Combine various conditions with: AND, OR, NOT (&,|, !)
    • Preview the group members
    • "Convert to LDAP" creates a LDAP string from the built query
    • "Query String" can be used to directly enter a LDAP query


  • Global Settings, Set a default search root
  • Scheduled Service Schedule
    • at specific time points
    • periodically
  • Preferred Domain Controller festlegen
  • Set timeout for LDAP queries
  • Trigger the update of all groups
  • Event Log
  • Extend Schema

...and many more


Dynamic Groups in AD Dynamic department groups 
Dynamic OU Groups  


Create Dynamic Groups
Flat group option
Search & Query

Create dynamic group
with all users from Munich

Flat group option
only users will become members of the group, not the selected groups
Search & Query Conditions
only users from a specific OU and location=Munich
Dynamic group
Dynamic Group services

Dynamic group memberships
list of all users, who are members of the group

Scheduled service
  update groups periodically or at various preset times

System Requirements

System requirements

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (Server) or higher
Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Client)


.NET Version 4.5 (or higher)


Active Directory
(functional level Windows Server 2003 or higher)


Download License
30 Days Trial
  Fully functional version
Version FirstWare-DynamicGroup 2015.1
Release / Last Update 2015/10/14
Licensing based on the number of Managed Users (user objects)
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Release History

2017-05-31 +++ Release DynamicGroup 2015.2.49.7270

Dynamic Group Console

  • Updated filter compatibility for older versions using '/' in LDAP filters

2017-03-22 +++ Release DynamicGroup 2015.2

Dynamic Group Console

  • If you changed both Query Conditions and LDAP filter manually in any query settings before saving, Dynamic Group will now ask you to convert them first to make sure which one to use
  • Corrected various spelling and grammar mistakes
  • If you change an existing condition in the Query Builder for the Member Query or OU Filter, the Apply button will now be correctly enabled
  • If you change the SamAccountName (Group Name) of an existing group, the Common Name (cn) will automatically be set to the same value
  • If there are any special characters in the SamAccountName while creating a group, these special characters will be removed by Dynamic Group

Dynamic Group Service

  • Previously, the Dynamic Group Service ignored any group that had no member filter, so groups using only Include/Exclude lists were not calculated by the service
  • This was changed due to the fact that a) it is allowed to that in the Console and b) it is a useful tool when simply trying to reduce group nesting with the Flat Group option


  • Updated documentation with changes in this update
  • Added a chapter on how to use special characters (e.g. brackets) in LDAP filters


  • Minor Bugs have been fixed

2015-11-26 +++ Release DynamicGroup 2015.1.37.4729


  • "Update Group" Button disabled for regular groups


  • Performance: List of dynamic groups in service will be deleted after each run now
  • Service reinitialization after each recalculation of the service timer
  • Service reinitialization in interval mode only when the interval period changed

2015-10-14 +++ Release DynamicGroup 2015.1

New Features

  • Item Counter in the Members, MemberOf Tab
  • Refresh button & Update now button


  • Install Service
    • Default setting changed
    • Info added
  • Install Service: install path calculation changed
  • Pop up windows with success messages
    • installation
    • license installation
    • save/change of groups
  • Pop up warning messages
    • Initial Configuration: Integrated lists
    • Extend schema
  • Object search: drop down list to switch classes
  • Group Preview: Information on red groups added (out of group scope)
  • Attribute selection for lists and settings does not show systemOnly groups anymore
  • 5 minor cosmetical corrections


  • 8 minor bugs fixed

2015-09-01 +++ Release DynamicGroup 2015.0

  • Major Release
  • See "New in DynamicGroup 2015"


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